“Spotlight” – OUTDOOR SEASON -- The Indoor season is now over and it was a great season overall. The Dunamis Super Meet at Lakepoint Sports Complex in Emerson, GA was a success, despite a few “hiccups. Other indoor meets and conferences also went very well. Many world records were broken. Athletes “showed up and showed off,” officials put their best into these meets and according to the Coaches, we did a “great job.”

Now that the indoor season is over, let’s turn our attention to the upcoming Outdoor Season. There are so many opportunities out there to work meets. Many officials are needed to make these meets a success. Let us all prepare ourselves to execute to the best of our ability. Please take the time to review the list of Officiating Opportunities [link] which is kept as current as possible, and see the meets that are available for us to work, sign up for these meets and go out and make it happen.

Our first opportunity is the Yellow Jacket Invitational, March 16 and 17, right here in Atlanta at Georgia Tech. The more officials we have working this event, the better the athletes will perform, and the better the meet will turn out. So, if you are free this coming weekend, let’s go out and give our best professional service, help the athletes do their best, and make this meet a success. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact Jerry Rexing the Officials’ Coordinator at

Officiating Opportunities

  • View list of Officiating Opportunities [link]
  • To have an event added to the opportunities list, send an email to Darren "DJ" Johnson,, USATF Georgia Officials Committee Vice Chair.

Recertification Requirements for 2017-2020 Olympiad

  • See our Recertification Instructions page [link]
  • You begin the Background Screen process on the USTAF website on the Certified Officials Background Screen page [link].  This is the direct link to Begin the Application process [link].

Officials Certification Application Forms

  • New/Recertifying Officials Certification Application Georgia Association [PDF] as of November 23, 2016
  • New Officials Certification Application USATF National Organization [PDF]
  • Recertifying Officials Certification Application USATF National Organization [PDF]

Officials Resume Form

  • Officials Resume form [PDF] [Word] for USATF Georgia

Officials Travel Grant Request Form

  • Officials Travel Grant Request form [PDF] [Word] for USATF Georgia

Officiating Resources and Best Practices

  • USATF Officiating Resources and Best Practices [link]

Certfication Level Upgrades

New officials start at the Apprentice level.  The rules and regulations regarding certification level upgrades can be found on the USATF National Officials Committee web site [link].

Level Disciplines 

The following disciplines are offered for certification under the Level System. Level disciplines require a minimum certification level.

Officials Committee

Cindy Slayton

Darren Johnson
Vice Chair

Phil Ozell

Wendy Collins

Felicia Sotillo