USATF National Officials Committee Newsletter

April, 2017

Chair Report

Here are some updates on issues that affect all of us:

Be Safe: Each spring I teach a course on Track and Field Officiating at a local university. Every class session begins with the same topic: Safety. As we move into the outdoor season, I want to remind you of that, as well. Always make the safety of officials, athletes, coaches, spectators, media, etc. your top priority. If you see a situation that you feel is unsafe, communicate that to your head official, referee, and/or meet director. Watch out for one another. Make sure those who are assigned positions are physically capable of safely doing the job. Let's make this an accident free season.

Officials' Certification and Cards: The new certification system has been operational for a couple of weeks. Though there is some fine-tuning that will take place to the website over the next few weeks, everything seems to be running pretty smooth. The USATF national office is printing certification cards this week. The card will be almost identical to the card from the previous Olympiad, with your certification number, photo, areas of certification, etc. One issue that will be addressed in a future update to the system is assigning certification numbers to new officials. At this point, a new official will receive a card stating they are a USATF Certified Official but it won't have a certification number. When that step has been added, those officials will receive an updated card with that number included. This is not ideal, but we did not want to delay the process any longer. I appreciate your patience and the patience of our Certification Chairs through this process. They are working hard to get certifications and re-certifications processed. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me or to Roger Burbage, our Vice-Chair for Certification.

Paralympic Certification: If you were certified as a Paralympic Official during the 2013-2016 Olympiad, you will need to re-certify for 2017-2020. That process is handled by the USOC and can be accessed from the certification page of the USATF Officials website: They (USOC) will inform us when you have successfully completed the process and then the N.O.C. Vice-Chair of Certification can add the discipline to your profile.

Membership Profile: Your USATF Membership Profile has been updated so that you can enter your shirt size and upload a photo for your official's credential. The photo has to be a jpeg file less than 100kb. If you have problems with either of those things, your certification chair can provide assistance. In the near future, your USATF membership profile will be your point of access for viewing your certification information, as well as your USATF membership information). You can access your profile at
Mike Armstrong;
Chairman, USATF National Officials Committee

Update of Web Page Changes

Since our last newsletter in March many changes have been taken place. The web pages that we use to access via "" have all been moved to the USATF National Office Server so those old bookmarks will not work. The following are a few new links to commonly used web pages.

Direct Link for Members Profile: Officials can now access their personal membership profile at To login in you will need your 10 digit membership number and password. It is important that you visit this site to keep your personal information, i.e. mailing address, phone numbers and email address up to date. It is now the responsibility of each of us to keep our information up to date because our certification chairs cannot make these changes.

Officiating Resources: All of the resource documents, sometimes referred to “Best Practices” have been moved to the USATF server. The new address is This link will take you to the new index for those important officiating resources.

Association Change Form: With the move of the data base to the USATF server, officials will no longer be able to be certified in an association that they are not a member of. For an example, if you are a member of the Lake Erie Association but have your officiating certification in the Ohio Association you will need to change your Association membership to Ohio if you wish to remain with the Ohio Officials. To make that change complete the transfer request form at This is a simple on-line form.
Additional Uniform Shirts and Rulebooks: Many officials are interested in purchasing a second or third uniform shirt. The link to the store is You will log in using your membership number and password as noted above to access your profile. If you are not currently certified you will not be granted access to the store put will be transferred to a page on how to complete your certification. Since your editor is not currently certified, I cannot tell you the cost of the shirts.

The cost of the rulebooks for officials has gone up. The current price for officials is $9.00 plus shipping and handling compared to $15.00 for non-officials.

Application Web Page: The web page that meet coordinators visited to post their meets requiring officials is currently not available. When the same functions have been restored on the USATF National server, the link information will be published in the newsletter.

N.O.C. Newsletter Subscription Link

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USATF MyProfile

As stated above, each official is responsible for updating their personal information on their membership profile page. That link is The profile page has been modified. In order to register as a USATF member, or for existing to members to edit information (address, phone, etc.), you must choose a category. Self-selection as "Official" is no longer allowed under Membership Categories. Please select "Other", and once you are certified, it will self-populate in your local association certification chair's page.

USATF Rule of the Month

Mixed Events ~ USATF Rule 320.8

Rule 320.8 - For Masters Athletics, a mixed event containing male and female participants is allowed. Masters records may be made in mixed age and/or mixed sex competitions.

Do you have a rule that you would like to see addressed by our Rules Chair? Email Laurie Boemker with your suggestions and maybe it will be featured next issue.

Clarification of USATF Rule 180.11(c)

In the High Jump and Pole Vault, any change in the time period allowed for a trial shall not be applied until the bar is raised to a new height, except when time specified for consecutive trials shall be applied . . .

* In the case where the last jumper at the previous height is the first jumper at the new height, the "consecutive attempt time limit" does not apply.

Para Athletics - Wheelchair Start and Finish

The wheelchair shall be lined up entirely within the allocated lane. That part of the front (leading) wheel that is in contact with the track must be entirely behind the line. At the finish line, it is the center of the axle of the leading wheel that determines the finish. To access the 2016-2017 Paralympic Rule Book and any 2017 amendments, you can go to

Did You Know?

Tug-of-War was originally contested as part of the track and field competition. It was a popular Summer Olympic Event from 1900-1920 and now considered a separate sport.

IAAF Newsletter

Did you know that the IAAF publishes a newsletter ten times per year towards the end of each month? The March edition was released on March 29th. With the upcoming IAAF Championships maybe you will find this newsletter informational. Check it out at

Be Safe Out There

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