The Race Walk Committee is on the go! We actively are working on the work—the vision, mission, and goals! 

USATF Georgia Race Walk Committee

Goal Statements

  1. The USATF Georgia Race Walk Committee will promote, increase and maintain the race walk, the number of race walkers (and therefore the USATF memberships), race walking opportunities, and race walk participation each year by at least 10%.
  2. The USATF Georgia Race Walk Committee will increase the exposure to race walk and training and education of athletes, coaches, officials, and other potential race walkers each year by a minimum of 10%.
  3. The USATF Georgia Race Walk Committee will increase race walk connections between…
    • schools and race walkers;
    • other Associations;
    • local and Association sports and administrative committees;
    • collegiate race walking programs;
    • the community; and
    • The High Performance and Athletes Advisory Committees working towards Talent ID and Team USA possibilities.
See this link for complete list of Race Walk Committee Goals.

Executive Committee

Kellie Crawford

Michelle Haffner
Vice Chair

Peggy Z. Curtis

Committee Members

  • Alan Moore (Atlanta Track Club, Masters Race Walker)
  • Arlena Epps (USATF-GA Secretary, USATF-GA Race Walk Committee's ad hoc Marketing/Sponsorship Committee)
  • Joel Dubow (Atlanta Track Club, Masters Race Walker, 2014 USATF National Race Walk Age Group Athlete of the Year)
  • Janelle Branch (NAIA All American Race Walker - all four years at Cornerstone University. 2012 NAIA Dr. LeRoy Walker Champions of Character Award recipient, USATF-GA race walk mentor)
  • Jean Williams (USATF-GA Race Walk Committee: Communications/Social Media Coordinator, Project Consultant/Liaison/Coordinator, Former Chair, Vice-Chair & Secretary, Former USATF-GA Secretary, Parent of a race walk All-American Alumnus)
  • Jordan Crawford (Junior & Collegiate Race Walker - Missouri Baptist University, Race Walk Official, 3-Time USATF National Race Walk Committee Honor Roll Recipient, holds most of the Georgia High School Race Walk Records-only ranked Georgia HS race walker for 2018, NAIA All American, Pan Am Race Walk Cup Trial Winner, Race Walk Coach & Mentor-Legacy Athletics)
  • Katie Haffner (USATF & AAU Junior Olympic All-American, Youth Representative on USATF-GA Race Walk Committee, Youth Mentor)
  • Kellie Crawford (Masters Athlete, USATF-GA Race Walk Committee Chair, Former USATF-GA Budget & Finance Committee Chair, Former USATF-GA Treasurer, Parent of 1 race walker and 1 former race walker, Track Team Administrator)
  • K.J. McRae (Open Race Walker, Former USATF Youth Junior Olympic All-American)
  • Larry Wood (Atlanta Track Club Liason, Masters Race Walker)
  • Michelle Haffner (USATF-GA Race Walk Committee: Vice Chair & Race Walk Officials' Co-Coordinator) Level 1 Coach, Race Walk Coach - Blue Lightning Track Club, USATF Race Walk Official
  • Peggy Curtis (USATF-GA Race Walk Committee Secretary, USATF Race Walk Official, Parent of 2 Race Walkers, Track Team Administrator)
  • Robert Fowler (Atlanta Track Club, Masters Race Walker, Race Walk Mentor
  • Susie Sleight (Track Team Administrator, Parent of a Race Walker)
  • Trenice Mullis-Dubow (Atlanta Track Club, Masters Race Walker)

Committee Resources

  • Cindy Slayton (USATF-GA Officials Chair, Official)
  • Dave McGovern (Former Head Coach/Team Coach/Manager of World Cup of Race Walking's Team USA-, Author, Clinician, Lecturer, Organizer, Race Walk representative on various national committees, Researcher, Elite athlete, Writer)
  • Dexter McCloud (USATF-GA Past President, Race Walk Official, Member of National Athletes Advisory Committee and National High Performance Committee, National Race Walk Diversity Committee)
  • Diane Graham-Henry (USATF National Race Walk Committee-Chair)
  • Gary Crawford (USATF-GA Crawford Advertising & Design, Certified Race Walk Official, USA-Canada Booster)
  • Gary Westerfield (USATF-New England, Officials' Resources)
  • Ian Whatley (USATF-SC, USATF Director of Racewalk Coaching Development, World Class Race Walker, Member of Team USA, 5-Time Olympian Trial participant, USATF Certified Race Walk Official & Coach, Author, Researcher)
  • Michael J. Roth (USATF-NC), Creator of, Race Walk Athlete, Race Walk Coach
  • Phil Ozell (USATF-GA Certification Chair)
  • Ron Larsen (USATF-FL, USATF Southeast Region Representative)
  • Steve Vaitones (USATF USA-Canada Junior Race Walk Match Coordinator)
  • Susan Heiser Whatley (USATF-SC Race Walk Chair, Race Walk Official, Race Walk Coach)
  • Trey Williams (Open Race Walker, Mentor, Coach)
  • Vaughn Williams (Retired Head & Race Walk Coach)
  • Vince Peters (USATF-OH, Miami Valley Race Walk Coach, USATF Past National Race Walk)


  • See Results page for details [Link]

Pit Lane

  • See Pit Lane page for details [Link]

Documents and Links

Race Walk Committee Meeting Minutes

  • [PDF] January 2019 (Agenda)
  • [PDF] July 2018
  • [PDF] April 2018
  • [PDF] October 2017

Race Walk Committee Quarterly Report

  • [PDF] October 2018

USATF Georgia Association - Annual Meeting / Other Meetings


  • [PDF] 2019 - Youth Winter Meeting


  • [PDF] 2018 - Race Walk Committee Minutes
  • [PDF] 2018 - Race Walk Committee Presentation
  • [PDF] 2018 - Race Walk Committee Agenda
  • [PDF] 2018 - Race Walk Committee Report


  • [PDF] 2017 - Race Walk Committee Minutes


  • [PDF] 2016 - Race Walk Committee Minutes
  • [PDF] 2016 - Race Walk Committee Presentation

Athlete Selection Procedures for National Events

Athlete Selection Procedures for national events are posted here as they become available. Continue to check back for more updates.

NARI &'s Quick Guide to Race Walking

The North American Race Walking Institute (NARI) and have teamed up to produce the free " Quick Guide to Race Walking." In an attempt to grow our sport and provide information about how to race walk to the masses, this two-page full-color 11x17 tri-fold brouchure is a perfect introduction to race walking. It is an excerpt from Race Walk Clinic - in a Book, by Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman.