Pit Lane

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WHAT? - Pit Lane

  • The Pit Lane is a Penalty Area that athletes must pass through once they receive a 3rd red card.
  • For the 3000 meter Racewalk a 30 second time penalty is served and the athlete must remain in the Pit Lane area until their penalty time is up.
  • For the 1500 meter Racewalk a 30 second time penalty is added to the concerned athlete’s finish time but no time is spent in the Pit Lane penalty area. (Due to the short length of this race the penalty is added after the race is completed.)
  • The athlete must receive a 4th red card to be disqualified.
  • The Pit Lane should only be used with a full team of Judges.

HOW? - Pit Lane

  • When an athlete receives 3 red cards, the Recorder notifies the Chief Judge/Assistant.
  • At the first opportunity the Chief Judge/Assistant, shows the concerned athlete the time penalty paddle and directs them into the Pit Lane.
  • As the athlete enters the Pit Lane, the Pit Lane Timer immediately starts the penalty timer and the Pit Lane Official notes the “real time” of the athlete’s entry, as well as their hip and bib numbers on the Pit Lane Time Sheet.
  • When 10 seconds remain on the penalty, the Pit Lane Timer shows the athlete a card/paddle to notify them and starts counting down. When the time penalty has fully expired the Timer releases the athlete to re-enter the race.