2016 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships All-Americans

The Georgia Association had 24 All-American athletes (Top 25) in the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships held December 10, 2016 at Veterans Park in Hoover, Alabama.  For complete results, see Athletic.net [link].

7-8 boys (246 athletes)
  • 9th place, Sam Comsudes (Marietta Track Club)
  • 15th place, James Reed (Alpha Crush Running Club)
  • 16th place, Haley Sarden (Walton Youth Track Club)
9-10 girls (300 athletes)
  • 6th place, Heidi Heppner (Alpha Crush Running Club)
  • 7th place, Morgan Grace Sheffield (Great Strides)
9-10 boys (341 athletes)
  • 3rd place, John Mitchell (Walton Youth Track Club)
11-12 girls (389 athletes)
  • 9th place, Clara Heppner (Alpha Crush Running Club)
13-14 girls (376 athletes)
  • 3rd place, Makena Gates (Unattached)
  • 5th place, Nyah Hernandez (Unattached)
13-14 boys (429 athletes)
  • 22nd place, David DeChamplain (Unattached)
  • 25th place, Michael Patterson (Great Strides)
15-16 girls (106 athletes)
  • 17th place, Jackie Addy (Unattached)
15-16 boys (212 athletes)
  • 6th place, Kyle Harkabus (Arrowhead Racing)
  • 8th place, Devan Crow (Lanier Lightning Running Club)
  • 22nd place, Jessie Martinez (Unattached)
17-18 young women (40 athletes)
  • 3rd place, Sue Morales (East Jackson)
  • 4th place, Erika Plummer (Lanier Lightning Running Club)
  • 6th place, Samantha Cameron (Unattached)
  • 24th place, Anna Woolridge (Jackrabbit Track and Field Clinic)
17-18 young men (120 athletes)
  • 2nd place, Chase Kennedy (East Jackson)
  • 16th place, Thomas Johnston III (Lanier Lightning Running Club)
  • 17th place, Ivan Martin (Lanier Lightning Running Club)
  • 19th place, Ethan Hargrove (Lanier Lightning Running Club)
  • 25th place, Ethridge Chaisson (East Jackson)