Rules Focus

On this page you will find USATF Competition Rules for Cross Country and Track & Field that the Youth Committee feels you as coaches and athletes should be aware of.

Rules Focus - Cross Country

USATF Rule 306.3(c)

  • All members of the same club listed on the team declaration roster at the Association finals are eligible to compete on the club's team (minimum of 5, maximum of 8) in the next round of Qualifications up to and including the National Championships as long as the team qualifies. 
  • In order to declare a team, a club must enter a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 athletes by the entry deadline. 
  • The composition of the team at each round can change if you submit a change form at the registration at packet pickup at least 2 hours prior to the race and any athlete changed must be listed on the team declaration roster.
Note: The team declaration roster is comprised of the entries "made and paid" on the web site before the entry deadline for the Association Championships. To be eligible to compete at the Region Championships or the National Championships, the athlete must be entered into the Association Championships, even if they do not compete at the Association Championships meet.


  1. The jersey or singlet worn by the members of a team in cross country shall be basically identical for each member in color and style, and must be clearly visible throughout the race, i.e., worn as the outer garment if other apparel items are worn underneath by one or more team members. Because of the nature of cross country running, the preferences of individual athletes in certain weather situations will allow other apparel items to vary widely without penalty.
  2. Individuals not complying with paragraph 1 may be disqualified from scoring for a team.

Rules Focus - Track & Field

Rule 170.3 - Changed in 2018

Please be aware that the relay exchange rules have changed.
  • In the 4x100m, and the 4x200m, the first and second exchanges in the 'Swedish' Medley and the outdoor Sprint Medley relays, each takeover (exchange) zone shall be 30m long, of which the scratch line is 20m from the start of the zone.
  • For the third exchange in the ‘Swedish’ Medley Relay and in the 4x400m and longer relays each exchange zone shall be 20m long of which the scratch line is the center.

New 2017 Specifications for 11-12 Girls and Boys Javelin

Aero Javelin – The shaft, tip and tail shall be made out of synthetic material. The grip may be made of synthetic material or wound with cord which is similar to that used on traditional javelins. The minimum weight shall be 450g. The diameter of the shaft shall be constant over the length of the shaft, not varying by more than ± 2mm from the nominal shaft diameter. The profiles of the head and tail are not specified.

Aero Javelin Specifications (All dimensions in mm):
  • Dimension Min Max Overall Length 1765 1785
  • Length of head * 140 160 Distance from Tip to CG ** 760 770
  • Diameter of shaft 20 28
  • Length of grip *** 115 120
  • Location of front of grip from tip 755 770
  • Length of tail 175 195
The maximum diameter of the head shall not exceed the nominal shaft diameter by more than 10 mm. The grip is not required to cover the CG. The maximum grip diameter shall not exceed the nominal shaft diameter by more than 8 mm.

June 15, 2017 - New USATF Racewalk Pit Lane

Please review the Pit Lane page [link] to learn more about the Pit Lane that will be implemented at the Association, Region, and  National Junior Olympic meets. If you have any questions, please contact the USATF Georgia Race Walk Chair, Jean Williams at