2018 USATF Georgia Distance Grand Prix Series

Participate in Georgia’s premier Long Distance (LDR) and Masters running competitions!

Schedule of Grand Prix Events

Date Event Links
May 27 Atlanta Georgia Relays
Grand Prix eligible event: 3000m run
New Manchester High School, Douglasville, GA
Jun 9 USATF Georgia Association Open / Masters / LDR / Race Walk Outdoor Track & Field Championships
Grand Prix eligible event: 5000m run
Barron Stadium, Rome, GA
Sep 29 West Georgia 15K
Grand Prix eligible event: 15K road
John Tanner Park, Carrollton, GA
Oct 20 39th Annual Douglasville Moonlight Run
Grand Prix eligible event: 5K road
Douglasville Conference Center, Douglasville, GA
Nov 10 USATF Georgia Association Masters and Open Cross Country Championships
Grand Prix eligible event: 5K cross country

Grand Prix Rules

  • You must be a Georgia resident and USATF member to be eligible for awards.
  • You must be a USATF member on race day to earn Grand Prix points at an event. Points will not be awarded retroactively.
  • This is a Master, Grandmaster and Para-Athlete Grand Prix Series.
  • The Master LDR division is limited to athletes who are 40 to 49 years old on the day of the meet.
  • The Grandmaster LDR division is limited to athletes who are at least 50 years old on the day of the meet.
  • Participation at a minimum of four (4) Grand Prix races is required for eligibility for the Grand Prix Overall Award.
  • Electronic devices (in accordance with USATF Rule 144.3) may not be used if competing for awards, medals or prize money.
USATF Rule 144.3(b) - The following shall be considered examples of assistance: The visible possession or use by athletes of video, audio, or communications devices in the competition area. The Games Committee for an LDR event may allow the use of portable listening devices not capable of receiving communication; however, those competing in championships for awards, medals, or prize money may not use such devices.
  • Grand Prix Overall Awards are given to the top point-scoring males and females for Para-athlete, Master and Grandmaster categories at the end of the Grand Prix series at the last event in the series.
  • You can only win Grand Prix Overall Awards in your own category, i.e. Para-athlete, Master and Grandmaster. Ties split the amount of their respective places.
  • You must wear the official gear (top) of USATF Georgia which represents the governing body and great country USA.
  • To be eligible you must check-in & sign-in at the USATF Georgia table 30 minutes prior to race start time.

Grand Prix Points

For eligible Grand Prix athletes awarded each event:
USATF Place Points Awarded
1 100
2 90
3 80
4 70
5 60
6 50
7 40
8 30
9 20
10 10

Grand Prix Overall Awards

For eligible Grand Prix athletes based on total points earned for the Grand Prix series:
Place Prize
1st Apparel, retail $400
2nd Apparel, retail $300
3rd Apparel, retail $200
4th Apparel, retail $100
5th Apparel, retail $75

Grand Prix Standings

As of 5/27/2018

Women - W40
  1. Hiroko Guarnieri (100 points)
Men - M40
Women - W45
  1. Marilou Ledford (100 points)
Men - M45
Women - W50
  1. Tina Klein (100 points)
Men - M50
Women - W55
  1. Joycelyn Burnell Brock (100 points)
Men - M55
Women - W60 Men - M60
  1. John Turner (100 points)

Grand Prix Standings

As of 5/27/2018
  • Note: Participation at a minimum of four (4) Grand Prix races is required for eligibility for the Grand Prix Overall Award.
Women - Masters - W40, W45
  1. Hiroko Guarnieri (100 points, 1 event)
  2. Marilou Ledford (90 points, 1 event)
Men - Masters - M40, M45
Women - Grandmasters - W50+
  1. Tina Klein (100 points, 1 event)
  2. Joycelyn Burnell Brock (90 points, 1 event)
Men - Grandmasters - M50+
  1. John Turner (100 points, 1 event)

The Grand Prix is sponsored by the USATF Georgia Association LDR & Masters Committees
For additional details, contact Masters Chair Tina Klein - 404.509.4913 - masters@georgia.usatf.org

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