Re-release of the book "Beyond Jogging" by Dr. Mike Spino, USATF Georgia LDR Chair

Announcing the re-release of the book "Beyond Jogging" by Dr. Mike Spino, USATF Georgia Long Distance Running (LDR) Chair.

To purchase a copy of this book, see [link].

For a transcript of Dr. Mike Spino in conversation with Mario Fraioli, Marissa Stephenson and Knox Robinson about the intersection of running and mindfulness considering its historical roots and future in shaping the modern athlete, see [link]. 


In his role as Executive Director of Esalen Sports Center, Dr. Mike Spino was at the forefront of integrating meditation and mindfulness into training methods in running to introduce a new approach of heightened mind-body awareness and self exploration in fitness. The book "Beyond Jogging" was first published in 1976.


Dr. Spino is currently a professor within the Kinesiology and Health Department at Georgia State University in Atlanta. In his youth he was a standout runner at Syracuse University where he set records in the mile and cross-country. In the early 70's Spino joined the Esalen Sports Center and became an integral member of a group of pioneers in the applied mental training movement. He directed the ten nation Atlanta pre-1984 training camp for developing nations during Mayor Andrew which helped keep African nations from boycotting the Los Angeles Olympic Games. He has trained under world-renowned coaches Mihlay Igloi and Percy Cerutty.


We first came across Mike Spino’s work last summer while researching for District Vision’s Mindful Athlete program. We launched the company as a modern toolkit for runners a little more than a year earlier. In addition to developing great technical products, starting with our Japanese-made sports eyewear system, we had become increasingly curious about the dynamic of sports and mindfulness. In 2013, Tom had overcome a tragic breakup by immersing himself in the burgeoning New York running community and Max started practicing yoga and meditation to help him deal with a traumatic end to a career in fashion.
We had known each other for more than ten years at that time, working hard and playing hard for the most part. But we felt something inside and around us was changing. Our respective practices had become a form of escape from our everyday lives and we learned a lot about who we are as people and as friends. When we started working on District Vision, our social circles naturally converged and we realized the runners we were testing sunglasses with had a keen interest in exploring alternative, more holistic training methods. This group of curious minds around us gave us a glimpse of what we see as a generational shift in the sport. Since then, we have taught meditation and ‘mindful movement’ workshops to athletes around the country and it has become a pillar of District Vision.
Long before we were born, Mike directed the Esalen Sports Center in San Francisco, an offshoot of the legendary human potential center. As a nationally ranked runner in the 1970s, he found himself in the middle of a cultural evolution based around self-exploration and a new definition of consciousness. Many of the core Eastern contemplative practices, such as Zen Buddhism, had infiltrated the American zeitgeist a decade earlier with swamis and yogis setting up camp to spread their teachings along the California coastline. Originally from New Jersey, Mike met Michael Murphy, the founder of Esalen, while teaching at a school in San Francisco, after training with the Santa Monica Track Club. An instant meeting of the minds, this was the beginning of a fruitful relationship for both. Mike brought a background as a competitive runner and visionary author, while Murphy was at the forefront of a movement in alternative education and healing modalities. In the following years, Murphy achieved world-class long distance status in his running practice, with a highly creative and unconventional training approach spearheaded by Mike.
We are honored to collaborate with Mike on this new edition of ‘Beyond Jogging’ – a user-friendly manual for curious runners and active souls with an abundance of intelligent exercises, ranging from breath work to mindful movement. The book is interspersed with fun and engaging stories that inspire and motivate us to build on our forefather’s work.