USATF officials are required to get recertified at the change of each Olympiad (4 year period.) (NOTE – if you became a ‘new’ official, originally certified in 2016, this does not apply to you, as you are certified for the current Olympiad.)
The National Officials Committee allows each Association to set their own requirements for recertifications, such as fees, training clinics, etc.
The Officials Committee of the USATF Georgia Association will continue the practice of providing a recertification clinic for those officials who prefer to attend in-person as well as allowing the submission of recertification documentation via email, if desired.
This is a brief explanation of the process.
  • All USATF memberships expire on December 31.  Depending on the membership term you selected when you last renewed – it could be a 1, 2 or 4 year membership, so yours does not necessarily expire this year. To verify your expiration, log on to the USATF website and verify [link].
  • All officials who wish to get certified are required to meet these requirements:
  1. Attend a Georgia Association certification clinic
  2. Complete the Officials Certification Application
  3. Must have a valid USATF membership
  4. Must receive a passing score on the appropriate Rules Review exam (Master, Apprentice, Track & Field, Race Walk, etc.) [link]
  5. Complete the SafeSport training certification (must be renewed every 4 years)
  6. Complete the Background Check through USATF’s designated company (must be renewed every 2 years). You begin the Background Screen process on the USTAF website on the Certified Officials Background Screen page [link].  This is the direct link to Begin the Application process [link].
  7. Provide a new digital photo ‘head shot’ for the official’s badge.
Note: For additional details on the process, see our Recertification Instructions page.

The USATF Georgia Association Officials Committee appreciates your willingness to work with us and help make our Association one of the best in the USA.
If you have any questions please contact the Officials Committee Chair, Cindy Slayton at cincslay@hotmail.com or the Certification Chair, Phil Ozell at phillip.ozell@gmail.com.

Thank you officials, for all you do!