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SafeSportSafeSport Update and Clarification


An email that many (or all) of us received on Tuesday, Oct. 22, has caused confusion regarding SafeSport. After talking with the USATF SafeSport Administrator, here is the latest information.

Mike Armstrong
Chair, USATF National Officials Committee

Who has to update SafeSport Certification?

  • Any official who has not completed the SafeSport course within the past two years.
  • This is a “rolling” window (just like the Background Screen).
  • So for today, anyone who did SafeSport before October 23, 2017 will need to complete the Core SafeSport Training Course.

What i​s the deadline to complete SafeSport Certification?

  • Though current SafeSport certification will be good until the end of 2020, we are asking you to renew your certification by March 31, 2020 because of a change in the time frame given by the US Center for SafeSport.

Where to renew SafeSport?

  • You renew at
  • If you do not have a profile with SafeSport, you will need to create one.
  • Please note that this is different that your USATF membership and, therefore, will be different that your USATF profile.
  • You will enter your USATF membership number as a part of your profile so that your compliance can be recorded.

How long will this SafeSport renewal take?

  • The Core SafeSport Training Course will take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

Is​ there a cost to renew SafeSport certification?

  • There is no cost.

What ar​e the future requirements of SafeSport?

  • Beginning in 2020, an annual refresher course will be required.
  • This refresher course will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Questions or Problems?

  • If you have questions or run into a problem, you can get assistance at



The National Officials Committee (NOC) recognizes the financial commitment necessary for travel to officiate at USATF national championship meets, particularly for younger officials.   The Committee has created grants to encourage the development and advancement of younger officials, and to thereby expand the pool of experienced officials for national level meets.  The Committee provides grants of $500.00 for up to 15 younger officials to help offset their expenses in officiating one of the following national championships:
  • Masters' Indoor T&F
  • Masters' Outdoor T&F
  • Hershey Junior Olympics T&F
  • Hershey Youth Indoor T&F
  • Youth Outdoor T&F


Applicants must:
  1. Be a USATF certified official; and
  2. Be 40 years of age or under as of the end of 2020; and
  3. Have never officiated a USATF Indoor Junior/Senior championship, USATF Outdoor Junior or Senior championship, Olympic Trials, World championship, or the meets listed above; and
  4. Commit to officiating each day of the meet for which selected
Note:  A grant may be used for any meet listed above if selected after the application is submitted.


Applicants must complete and submit the application form not later than December 15th.  The NOC Executive Committee makes selections from among qualified applicants and notifies officials in late December.  Grant recipients are assigned to a meet and crew and are mentored and provided hands-on training at the competition venue.  Grant recipients are required to write a report of their experience and submit it to the NOC after the competition.


Direct questions to the grant program director, Don Berry,

Amendment of Rule 180.12(e) - as of April 8, 2019

The USATF Board of Directors approved an emergency amendment of Rule 180.12(e), changing the time limit to initiate an attempt in a field events from 30 seconds back to 60 seconds. This amendment takes effect as of April 8, 2019.
This action was based on a request from the Rules Committee so that USATF rules to be consistent with the recent change made by the IAAF Council to IAAF Rule 180.17, returning to the 1 minute time limit for field events. Given that both the USATF Championship and U20 Championship qualify athletes for competitions contested under IAAF rules, a request was made for an immediate change to the USATF rules. This past weekend, the USATF Board of Directors approved this request, with immediate effect, for all USATF sanctioned competitions.

See this email newsletter for more details.

NOTE: The NCAA has NOT changed their rule, it is still 30 seconds per the 2019-2020 Rulebook.

A "New Year" reminder to all USATF officials

  • Please check to confirm that your USATF membership has been renewed for 2019. Since multi-year memberships are discounted, sometimes we forget when it is up for renewal. Because your official’s certification is dependent on having a current USATF membership…when your membership expires your certification does too. It’s easy to re-activate, just renew your membership!
  • Background Screenings expire every two years, and you are required by USATF to renew it to be certified. Before yours is due to expire, log back in to the NICS website to renew your clearance. For that reason, it’s helpful to keep your log-on and password on file for access in the future. If you renew a month or so in advance of your expiration, the two-year extension will start on the date of the expiration, (but you still may get a notification that your screening is expiring).
  • If you took the SafeSport training several years ago, it is still valid, but word has it that, come the new Olympiad in 2020, in addition to all officials being required to re-certify, we will all be required to re-take the SafeSport training too. Last year it was revised to be comprised of three separate sections (with three different certificates). So, watch for this as 2020 approaches.
  • If you have any questions, please email Phil Ozell, Certification Chair, at phillip.ozell@gmail.

Officiating Opportunities

  • View list of Officiating Opportunities [link]
  • To have an event added to the opportunities list, send an email to Darren "DJ" Johnson,, USATF Georgia Officials Committee Vice Chair.

Recertification Requirements for 2017-2020 Olympiad

  • See our Recertification Instructions page [link]
  • You begin the Background Screen process on the USTAF website on the Certified Officials Background Screen page [link].  This is the direct link to Begin the Application process [link].

Officials Certification Application Forms

  • New/Recertifying Officials Certification Application Georgia Association [PDF] as of November 23, 2016
  • New Officials Certification Application USATF National Organization [PDF]
  • Recertifying Officials Certification Application USATF National Organization [PDF]

Officials Resume Form

  • Officials Resume form [PDF] [Word] for USATF Georgia

Officials Travel Grant Request Form

  • Officials Travel Grant Request form [PDF] [Word] for USATF Georgia

Officiating Resources and Best Practices

  • USATF Officiating Resources and Best Practices [link]
  • Operating Procedures - Georgia Officials Committee [link]

Certfication Level Upgrades

New officials start at the Apprentice level.  The rules and regulations regarding certification level upgrades can be found on the USATF National Officials Committee web site [link].

Level Disciplines 

The following disciplines are offered for certification under the Level System. Level disciplines require a minimum certification level.

Officials Committee

Cindy Slayton

Darren Johnson
Vice Chair

Phil Ozell

La-Tarvia Hilbert-Shanks

Peggy Z. Curtis