Recertification Instructions

These instructions are for current, active USATF officials in the Georgia Association who are simply re-certifying at their current level (i.e. Apprentice, Association, National, Masters).  

If you are interested in applying to upgrade your current certification level, there is additional information at the end of these instructions.

Step 1 - Verify that you have a current USATF membership

You can check your membership status by logging on to the USATF website [link] and renew it from there if you need to:

Step 2 - Verify SafeSport and Background Screen Status

When you follow the link to your membership profile (My Profile), it will show your SafeSport and Background Screen status (membership status is here, too). You can check your SafeSport status on the USATF Coaches Registry and SafeSport List page [link].

If you have not taken the SafeSport training yet, you can do that online at  Alternatively, here is another way to navigate to SafeSport training [link].

You begin the Background Screen process on the USTAF website on the Certified Officials Background Screen page [link].  This is the direct link to Begin the Application process [link].

It will look like this if you have completed both requirements:

Background Screen notes of interest

  • When you submit your information for the Background Screen, you are required to upload a digital scan or legible photograph of your photo ID (for example, a Georgia Driver's License).
  • When completing the online Background Screen application, you verify that you have taken the SafeSport training; optionally, you can scroll through the SafeSport review that was available on the page (though it is about 65 pages long!)
  • Here is the link to the SafeSport training on
  • You will also be required to certify that you have read and agreed to the USATF Officials Code of Ethics [link] It is a good idea to read through them to re-familiarize yourself with them.
  • You will also be required to certify that you agree to the USATF Officials Performance Guidelines [link], and as with the Code of Ethics, it is a good idea to read through them to re-familiarize yourself with them.

Note: The SafeSport certification will be good through the end of the 'new' Olympiad (2020) if you have taken the training within the past two years. The Background Screen must be renewed every two years.

Step 3 - Officials Certification Application Forms

You will need to complete two (2) application forms:

  1. Georgia Association Officials Certification Application form [link].  Send the completed form to the Certification Chair (contact information below) along with your check for $30.00 made payable to "USATF Georgia Association".
  2. National Recertifying Official Application form [link].  There is no additional fee.

Step 4 - Officials Resume Form

Please also include an updated resume form [Word] [PDF] for the meets that you have worked recently.

Step 5 - Badge Photo

To obtain the required new Official's Badge (for 2017-2020 Olympiad) you will need to send a new 'head shot' photograph. This should be a passport-style color photograph taken against a solid white/neutral background with NO sunglasses, hat, scarf, etc.!

The photograph should be about 1/2 Megabyte in size, or 250 pixels square, and be in a .JPG format. Example:

Step 6 - Rules Review Exam

All re-certifying officials are required to take a "Rules Review Exam" as an integral part of the recertification process. The Rules Review is based on the 2016 USATF Rule book [link].  The exam and answer sheets are available on the USATF website [link].

Send your completed answer sheet to the Certification Chair to be graded.

Summary of Steps

All items listed below as Submit should be sent to the Certification Chair.
  • Verify you have a current, active USATF membership
  • Complete the SafeSport training
  • Complete the Background Screen
  • Submit the Officials Certification Application
  • Submit $30.00 check payable to "USATF Georgia Association"
  • Submit updated Officials Resume Form
  • Submit Badge Photo
  • Submit Rules Review exam answers
  • Receive passing score on the appropriate Rules Review exam

Rules Review Exam - Pass/Fail

After you have completed all the required steps, and have submitted your Rules Review exam, the Certification Chair will notify you if you have passed the review or not.

If you passed the Rules Review and have completed all the other requirements satisfactorily, the Certification Chair will indicate that you have passed the Rules Review on the National Certification website and upload your badge photo. The Certification Chair will be sent your new Officials Badge which will be forwarded on to you.

If you did not pass the Rules Review, you will be able to take it again until you successfully pass it.

New National Uniform Shirts 

USATF has committed to providing ALL certified officials with one of the new National uniform shirts. It is our understanding that the new National uniform shirt will be sent to each recertifying officials when their recertification is confirmed by their Association's Certification Chair. Following that, additional uniform shirts can be ordered by the official from the National office at a cost of $55.00 each. This has been promised since December of 2015, but was not going to be "rolled out" until after the US Olympic trials was completed, and we do not have any information as to when they might be expected to be delivered to you/us. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Upgrading to a new level

If you are eligible for and considering upgrading your certification level and wish to apply for the upgrade concurrent with your re-certification, it is recommended that you recertify at your current level first, and then apply for the upgrade as a separate application. Otherwise you risk a delay in getting recertified at your current level if you do not pass the Rules Exam on your first attempt or if your application for the upgrade is not approved by the Officials Committee.

The various Upgrade Applications are available on the Georgia Association website [link].

Please note that there are two (2) forms to download:

  1. The Recommendation Letter form
  2. The Upgrade Application form

Also, be advised that if you choose to recertify and upgrade concurrently, you will need to pass the Rules Review exam for the upgraded level, and if you fail to pass the upgrade level rules exam, your certification cannot be renewed until you have successfully passed either the upgrade level Rules Review or your current level Rules Review.

Contacting the Certification Chair

If you have questions...

It is preferred that you do so via email to:

Use that same email address to send your digital photo for your badge.

If you absolutely must talk in person, (404) 281-6283.

Instructions on sending all other forms and Rules Review exam answer sheets...

When you have completed the Rules Review exam, the Association Officials Application form, the National Officials Application form, or an Upgrade application, you can send those digitally to the email address above or via US Postal Service to:

Phillip Ozell
1930 Windham Park NE,
Atlanta, GA 30324