USATF Georgia Volunteer Selections

Please refer to the list of volunteer opportunities below the selection form and let us know what position(s) you are interested in! 

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USATF Georgia Volunteer Opportunities

The following are descriptions of the various volunteer opportunities. We will fill these on a first come first assignment basis. Choice will be given on availability, as follows:

Track and Field Volunteer Positions

Starting Line: This will involve helping officials begin each race. Volunteers will assist in lining up athletes for the beginning of the race and getting the next group ready to go.

Hipping tent: This location will be where the athletes receive their numbers for the race. Volunteers will help store athletes gear for pick up after the completion of the race. Volunteers will help seat the athletes in rows to get ready to go to the starting line for competition.

Pole Vault: This will require assisting officials with the pole vault competition.

High Jump: This will require assisting officials with the high jump competition.

Hammer/Discuss: This will require helping officials with the hammer and discuss competitions.

Shot-Put: This will require helping officials with the shot-put competition.

Javelin: This will require helping officials with the javelin competition.

Long-Jump/ Triple-Jump: This will require helping officials with the long jump and triple jump competition.

Steeplechase: This will require helping officials with the steeplechase competition.

Warm-Up areas: Helping in the warm up areas will require assisting athletes and monitoring the warm up area as well as help in maintaining the area for debris and cleanliness.

Combined Events: This will require helping officials with the combined events.

Hurdle crew: This position will require some lifting and the ability to move hurdles on and off the track in high temperatures. Physical ability to perform in high temperatures is a requirement of this position.

Clerking Tent: Requirements to help in the clerking tent will entail helping officials check athletes in and walking with the athletes to the hipping area. Walking long distances will be a requirement of this position.

General Event Volunteer Positions

Meet administrative assistant: The assistant will be assigned for the day to USATF personnel in helping the meet administrators in various tasks. This will require a day long commitment.

Ticket Sellers: This will require ability to handle money and make change. We will be selling event tickets to the general public so some guest service skills are required.

Entrance Ticket Takers: Ticket takers will be required to monitor tickets to ensure the ticket purchased is the correct ticket for entrance to the event.  This position is also responsible for handing out bibs and event shirts during registration process.

Credential Entrance Monitors: Credential monitors will be required to check paperwork on those wishing to enter the venue on a pass. Credentials will have to be checked before entrance into the designated area is allowed.

Program Sellers: Program Sellers will be required to handle money and make change. We will be selling USATF programs to the general public so some guest service skills are required.

Hospitality Assistants: Hospitality assistants will refill and stock the hospitality room as well as serve beverages and maintain cleanliness of the facility.

Medical Support Volunteers: This will require assisting medical personnel with athlete care. Some medical background is preferred.

Media Support Volunteer: This will require assisting photographers, media personnel and other media support systems within the event.

Event Set Up:  Responsible for assisting in preset up of event and post tear down of event.

Operational Event Volunteer Positions

Finish line: this will require the ability to lift coolers on and off trailers. This will be assisting athletes with beverages and ice packs upon completion of the race or competition.

Award area: This will require some logistical acumen to award champion athletes during the competition.

Contestant entertainment: This will encompass a large area of contestant activities and supervision. Packet Pick up/ Registration: This position will be indoors for those not able to stay in the heat.

Refreshments/ Ice: A large quantity of beverages and ice need to be distributed across the event campus. This will require the ability to lift ice and coolers and drive to designated locations within the campus.

Opening ceremonies: This will require parade marshals to help line up student athletes to walk in during the opening ceremonies parade as well as help seat athletes upon exiting the area after they are introduced during.

Parking attendants: Parking attendants will check the credentials of those wishing to park in designated areas. This will require standing for long periods of time.

Please Note: No official or volunteer (except relay management) may participate in public testimonials, endorsements or promotion of any product, food or service or a sponsor, supplier or donor. Thank you for your consideration of these matters.

USATF Georgia Non-Event positions

Volunteer Coordinator:  Responsible for communication with volunteers, reward and recognition for volunteers, t-shirt inventory, volunteer newsletter content and all acquisition and training of volunteers.  In addition must check and respond to volunteer emails every other day.

Photographer:  Responsible for taking pictures at all events.

Social Media:  Responsible for content for all USATF Georgia social media outlets.

Membership Drive:  Responsible for membership booth at all events to encourage membership acquisition.

Development:  Responsible for fundraising for USATF Georgia for the Capital Campaign to raise 20 million for an indoor facility.

Sponsorship:  Responsible for acquiring vendors for events and capital campaign.  Develop sponsorship packages and levels of giving.

Communication:  Responsible for all communication such as monthly newsletter and other eblasts.  In addition must check and respond to communication emails every other day.